Uphaar Creations

I am single women born and brought up in the beautiful city of Dehradun.I have done my complete schooling from Dehradun. I finished my MBA in 2011 and subsequently became a Chartered Accountant in 2012. My primary hobby is art/craft and related activities. I started making paintings, sketches and craft goods since my school time.I am not trained in any of these and its God's greatest gift to me. My other favorite pastimes include watching a movie with friends, long drives and enjoying the serenity of nature in and around Dehradun. I am presently working with an NGO in Dehradun that works for children and adults who have developmental and other disabilities. My primary works include making low cost decorative items, mostly out of scrap or things that are easily available at a common household. I have made a number of artistic innovations such as decorative bottles, lamps, chandeliers,shagun envelopes,pooja thali , organisers, pen stands, rangolis etc Although almost all the products that I have made till date are very close to my heart and qualify to be called my "signature product", the ones that I am specially excited to work on are the decorative bottles. These have mesmerised me to a great extent and even presently I am working on these to improve the quality and giving more attention to tiny details. I am a single women working all by myself to create these craft ideas. I make all these products in my spare time, after fulfilling my duties towards the NGO I work with. Also, since most of my products are made out of scrap and have minimum use of artificial products , I am trying to do my bit in making our planet a cleaner, greener place to live in. In my opinion, these are the characteristic traits that will make me stand out in the crowd.

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