Shipping Process

Shipping Process:


Please do follow the guidelines as mentioned below: 

  1. Please check the status of the Order, Only Orders with PROCESSED status should be shipped.
  2. Please ensure that you have a tie up with a reputed shipping company which can provide a tracking number so that anybody can track the whereabouts of the Parcel. 
  3. If it's a COD Order or a Prepaid Order and you are using the FleAffair Shipping Services then the Shipment Label can be downloaded from the Order Detailspage itself.
  4. Please Print the FleAffair Invoice and put it with the Parcel / Product.
  5. Please Print the Packing Slip and paste it on the Parcel in case Self Shipping or in case if you use FleAffair Shipment then print the Fedex/Delhivery Shipment Label from the menu.
  6. Always Attach the Documents generated from FleAffair Vendor Central only. Never use your own format of Invoice / Shipping Label.
  7. Never take a manual Shipping label from the pickup person, call FleAffair for the same.
  8. Please ensure that the Packing Material/Box is of good quality and if it’s a fragile item please add extra cushioning in the box to avoid any damage.
  9. In case of FRAGILE Items please do mention it clearly on the box and let the shipping company know in advance for extra care while shipping the product.
  10. Please ensure that the Tracking information obtained from the Shipping Company is entered in the order shipment details in Vendor Central.
  11. Change the Status of the Order to Shipping only after you add the tracking information.

More details to do the above steps are mentioned below.

1. Invoice:

To generate an Invoice for attaching with the Shipment of Order go to the Order and Open it. On the right hand side there is a  button. Press it and Select Print Invoice from the Menu. Place the invoice with the Product in the packing box.

2. Shipments:

In Multi-Vendor, shipments refer to situations when you ship items from a single order in multiple batches and/or at different periods of time. Such batches are treated as separate shipments of one order.

1. Creating a shipment

Shipments are created separately for each order on the Order details page (Click on Order Number to reach this page) in the Shipping information section.

To create a shipment:

  1. Click on the link on the right hand panel in the Order as shown below. 

  2. This will open a pop-up window.

  3. For each product in the order, select the number of items that will be delivered in the current shipment.
  4. If you're going to deliver a particular product in a different shipment, select 0 (zero) from the Quantity drop-down list.
  5. Choose the respective shipping method as mentioned on the Order Detail page.
  6. Input a tracking number given by your logistics company.
  7. Choose a carrier from the dropdown list. If you are using the FleAffair Logistics service use Fedex as the Carrier. If you are using your own carrier and its not listed then leave it blank.
  8. Comments: Add the Name & Tracking link of logistic company via which customer can track their shipment.
  9. Change the order status as Shipped
  10. Click the Create button.

2. Printing package slips

To print a package slip for a particular shipment or several package slips for multiple shipments at a time:

  1. In the administration panel, go to the Shipments section (Orders -> Shipments).
  2. You will see a list of all shipments in the store. If necessary, filter the list of displayed orders using the search panel above the list of shipments.
  3. Select shipments for which you need to print package slips.
  4. Click the button and choose Bulk print.
  5. You can even open the Order by clicking on the Individual Order ID from the Order -> View Orders Menu and then click on the Order ID and on the Order Details page click the   button near SAVE Button and then print from the dropdown menu as below by clicking .

3. Print the Shipping Labels:


We have added a feature in the vendor central where if the shipping is done through FEDEX then the Shipping label can be downloaded directly from within the order itself. No separate emails will be sent for the shipments going through Fedex. Below is the screenshot to help you understand the same.

Open the Order Detail page and see on the right hand panel. Check if the shipping is done through Fedex.

Click on the dropdown button  before Save Changes button and a drop down menu opens.

You can now see  options as below for the Shipping Label.
  • Print Fedex Shipping Label COD or PrePaid( Print this label)  


Click on the same and take the print out from the first option while shipping. Also do remember to attach the packing slip which can also be printed through the same menu.

Please note the format and important information on the Shipping Label and it should match on what is written on the Order Shipping Information for the Tracking Number. 


  1. Please note that this page has the COD information about how much amount needs to be collected from the customer. 
  2. Fedex does not accept any other format or the Packing Slip format for there orders. 
  3. Never take a manual hand made slip from the Fedex Pickup person if he is giving the same it means you have not taken the print of Actual Fedex Shipping Label.
  4. Print the next 2 pages as well from the Fedex Shipping Label which you can get signed from the Fedex Pickup person ( format below).


Shipments going through other logistics like Delhivery will require Printing of Packaging Slip. The Vendor can take a printout for the same and attach it on the packet.

    Print Packing Slip for Delhivery COD Orders ( Print this label) it has all the important info - Tracking Number / COD Amount etc and this should match with the Order Shipping Information.


In case its a Pre-Paid Order where Shipping has to be done by the Vendor then please print the Invoice and the Packing Slip and attach it to the Shipment.


3. Tracking links of major courier companies in India

Logistic Company Tracking Link Tracking #
Blue Dart  
eCom Express  
First Flight Courier  
Indian Post  
Overnite Express  
Red Express  
The Professional Courier