Product Trending

How to Trend your Products on FleAffair ?

FleAffair has launched a new feature to Trend specific Vendor Products. We would request you to share these Products on your Digital Networks like Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest / Tumblr through the FleAffair Trending page.

Please ensure only specific products (maximum 1 product per Vendor ) are shared for Trending through this feature to keep the content exclusive.

Go to the website and choose one product which should have a very clear pic and is appealing / exclusive. On the left hand side of the page you will see this new icon bar as below.

From this bar choose the last icon and a popup screen as below will open. Look at the footer of that popup and click on the  icon.

This will open a screen as below which will ask you to Sign In to the multiple networks like Facebook / Twitter / Email etc. Sign In to these networks.

Once you have signed in to the networks you can just click on the network icon on the left side of the page to share it to the relevant network.

E.g. Pressing the Twitter button will open the screen below, press Tweet to share the Product on your Twitter.

Similarly pressing the Facebook button will open the screen below, press it to share the Product on your FB Wall.

Once done add your email id to confirm if you are a valid user. This is the same email id which has been used in your social network accounts.

                                           HAPPY TRENDING !!!