Princess Handmade Accessories

Princess Handmade Accessories is an earnest initiative to delight customers who love exquisite, unique handcrafted Hair Accessories. We create a gamut of Hair Accessories, catering to all ages from Precious New Born Babies, Toddlers, Preschoolers, Tweens, Teens and Gorgeous women of all ages! Raw material for our creations is sourced from across the world and is best-in-class quality. To that we add our skill, love, patience and smiles to transform them into creations of beauty and highest quality! Our Range includes New Born /Infant Foldl Over Elastic Hairbands, Comb Clips, Hair Clips for kids and adults, Banana Clips, Clutch Clips, Ponytail Holders, Ladies Hair Clips, Hair Bands for all ages... Let the gifting begin..

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