Order Management

Order Management


This section of the Administration panel is used to manage and control order procedures in your store. Here you can review and edit orders that have been placed in your store, place new orders on behalf of other users, handle return requests, create product subscriptions, etc.

For accounting purposes, orders have continuous ID numbers disregarding their current state and number. At that, Multi-Vendor keeps track of successful and returned orders assigning them separate IDs.

That is how it works. All orders can be one of the three conditions:

  1. Order - The order has been placed, but not paid out;
  2. Invoice - The order has been paid and processed successfully;
  3. Credit memo - The order has been paid and processed, but then returned.

So, invoice IDs and credit memo IDs are generated continuously for the appropriate orders only:

1. View orders

In the View orders section, you can carry out the following tasks:

  1. Display a sorted list of all orders in the store or display a filtered list of orders that meets your search pattern only.
  2. View orders that were not completed (press the button  and choose the “Incomplete” orders link.) An order receives the status "incomplete" after a customer has placed the order until the order has been processed by a payment system. For example, during the period when a customer is entering credit card details on the payment system's website up until the customer is redirected back to your store.
  3. Change order statuses on the fly.
  4. View and edit order details.
  5. Add comments to the order which are visible to the customer who placed the order.
  6. Export order details in the CSV, QuickBooks and MYOB formats.
  7. Print invoices and package slips both separately for each order and in bulk.
  8. Remove credit card info (if any).
  9. Delete existing orders.

1. Quick order printing, exporting, and deleting

The View orders section allows you to carry out many routine tasks for multiple orders, including bulk order exporting and invoice printing, in one click.

  1. In the list of orders, select the check boxes for the orders you want to take action on.
  2. Click on the  button in the upper right part of the list. This displays a list of applicable actions.
  3. Click on the required action in the list.

2. Viewing and editing order details

  1. To display order details, press the button  corresponding to the order that you want to review and choose the View tab. This opens the order details page.

Here you can add comments to the order and define shipment details.

2. Sales Report

In this section, you can find a detailed statistics on the sales that have been made in your web store. Statistics may be represented in a form of graphical or tabular charts. For convenience, charts are grouped into separate reports. You are encouraged to use several pre-defined reports or create your own reports. To switch between the reports, use the toggle on the left.