Our kit is suitable for 3D casting (100% replica) of hands & feet which captures the wrinkles , lines, shape of nails etc. of children & adults hands & feet . It enhances the beauty of your kids room or drawing room. A memory forever and a perfect gift for new born ,birthdays, wedding & anniversary , awards or blessings of parents.

Since this 3D impression casting is the precious moment of your life so we advise you that by using our 'Golden Moment keepsake kit', you will be able to treasure all the details like lines, veins and curves of your baby's hand or foot. That's why we say: today's present for the future for Any One ~ Any Age .... Happy Casting !!

Discover the Ultimate Bodycast Arts - The art form with personal meaning - Lifecasting is the art of taking moulds directly from the human body providing a unique keepsake of you or your children. In order to produce one of the most tactile objects you will ever own.

Hands and feet:
Babies as young as four weeks old have been successfully cast, making tiny hands or feet great Christening gifts. Casts of adult hands and feet have been put to many uses, from business card holders (hands) to door stops (feet) or just put them on display.

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