Lotus Pink Gulabi Kamal Attar 3 Ml - Mahak Range

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Lotus Pink (Gulabi Kamal) Attar (3 ml) - Mahak Range

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Lotus Pink (Gulabi Kamal) Attar - Mahak Range is especially designed for people who are new to the world of attar's. It's a budgeted collection of daily wear fragrances which are 100% natural & alcohol free. Pink Lotus Attar blends well with many of the essential oils like Sandal, agarwood, amberi, etc. This perfume oil is known for being amazing stimulating agent for spiritual awakening and thus widely used in the prayer house and meditation centers. It is also used for making exclusive perfumes and in aromatherapy techniques to cure various mental problems. The sweet, soft smell refreshes the aura, radiating warmth and a sense of up liftment.

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