Klay Kriti : More than Clay and Akriti

Klay Kriti, came in existence from my passion towards arts and my imagination. The objective of giving you deep calmness and a sense of accomplishments is the thought process at Klay Kriti. For people gift serves many a purpose. For some, it helps in expressing the emotions and thus saying what the person you are gifting means, for others it conveys that “Hey, I care for you & I think of you more often than you know I do”. Sometimes Occasions bring gifts but most of the times, GIFTS MAKE an ordinary day AN OCCASION. Klay Kriti is a straight from heart and creative gifting solutions providing homegrown business. Having supplied to some wonderful people, friends and references by now Klay Kriti has got so much of love and affection with repeated demands of GIFTING SOLUTIONS. As the name sounds, the Centre stage of Klay Kriti is about the world of CLAYS. Going beyond imagination of many of our customers and users, we have delivered items like Magnets, Wall decors, Ultility items , Kids room decorations, Photo frames, Figurines, Name plaques, Key holder etc. Klay Kriti promises gifting solutions which suit your requirement. Though, we wish you GIFT and make it an Occasion but at least occasions where Klay Kriti can be used are Birthdays of your kids/friends/family/teachers/bosses, marriage anniversary, friendship day, festivals, birth of loved ones etc. One more occasion when you can get in touch with Klay Kriti is the day you( the gentleman) felt great about her and you (the lady) felt great about him . See more about the GIFTING Basket and solutions in it on the page……………..do write back…………….no need to buy if you don’t feel for the person Klay Kriti braught in your mind just now. Thank you. Hope Klay Kriti helped you at least in bringing one smile to your face.

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