Welcome to GiftPiper. This venture was born out of my obsession with digging out beautiful, handcrafted things at bargain prices. Like the fabled piper, I leave each new place I visit with a trail of such goodies following me. One day I decided to share this passion with the rest of the world, and GiftPiper was born.

The GiftPiper team has worked very hard to unearth these gems, and we hope you love them as much as we do. They all have some qualities in common- they are hand made, unique, stylish and great value for money.

Each product has a rich history behind it, along with the hard work and deft hands of the artisan who makes it, but rarely gets enough credit for his/her toil. We've tried to capture little nuggets of these stories, so that you can appreciate these products even better.

While our entire range is handpicked and special, I specially recommend the stunning handbags/clutches, and our amazing range of dupattas and stoles. We also have tie-ups with craftsmen from most genres, so do let us know in case you want any customization or bulk order related to these products.

Now do go ahead and pamper yourself with something from the GiftPiper selection. Or buy thoughtful gifts for your loved ones, and we'll send them gift wrapped with your message.

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Richa is an absolute dream to work with! She is clear, concise and extremely helpful. She gave me varying options to suit my needs and budget proving that GiftPiper are customer focused in everything they do. Richa is also fantastic with communication, you will generally receive a reply to your email within a few hours of it being sent. Thanks guys, looking forward to working with you again soon!