Farah Art Creations

Farah started art as a hobby and is now a career. She has learnt several different styles of art. Not a trained fine arts graduate, she has learnt the discipline under indigenous artists as an apprentice for short periods. Their many splendoured introduction to their craft of colours and forms informs her creation. She restricts herself to paintings, murals, and home décor items. Her inspiration stems from traditional Indian designs and motifs, Egyptian art, nature and florals. She uses a variety of mediums like oils, acrylics, coffee, glass, terracota and clay for her work. She embellishes surfaces like wood, canvas, cloth and glass. Besides paintings and murals she works on glassware. Working on candle holders, hurricane lamps (shamadaans), vases and glass items are a speciality. Her output includes personalised gifts. Inspired by her increasing clientele, she has diversified and started an entrepreneurial venture. The spread of her reputation has been by word of mouth. She has also gone online through her blog http://farahartcreations.blogspot, with many of her customers approaching her through this medium, particularly those from other parts of India and abroad. A keen observer of the art scene, she is a ready learner of new techniques and styles. She manages to balance her family life with her artistic endeavours.

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