Earth~ n ~ you began with a concern. Concen for the dying art of pottery in India. So, we thought of doing something with 'mitti' to help the impoverished potters. We wanted to bind the common man and 'mitti' and hence the Earth~n~you.

Just buying six diyas in Diwali is surely not enough for countless potters we have in India. So we thought we will do our bit. Now for getting that earthern vase into your very stylish homes, we add glamour to it and make it look stunning.

We aim for excellenace that stems from quaility and commitment.

Earth~ n~ you does it in a style and does it in a way that makes a significance difference to the potter's life.

We firmly believe that there is a tremendous potential in this 'mitti' of our karambhumi and anybody working honestly , dedicatedly and with integrity is bound to reap rewards. And let me assure you we are happy.

Four years ago , we started with one potter associated with us. Today we have eight potters working with us and 15 girls whom we have empowered. So friends , each one of you , is not about "I" or "We" , its about Earth~ n~ you.

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