Dark Chocolate Clothing.

DARK CHOCOLATE. Its got it all. The taste, the colour & the feel. Hand Crafted, the collections aim to make you feel light and beautiful. Its like a stroll in the park, fresh breeze in your hair. A smile across your face as you know that the world belongs to you and there is no worry in the world. You are the woman of today. Still a girl in a woman's body. What drapes your skin is just an extension of you.

DARK CHOCOLATE - There should be at least one in your wardrobe.

About Nidhi Nair : Nidhi's got the eyes. And the smile. And a mind which thinks designs.. Some Days those eyes shine Flows out another beautiful design And she shapes it in fabric and threads.

Dark Chocolate clothing is not just about clothes. Its about a romance. A romance between the designer and her creation. The times the two spend together. The pains that they go through and the beauty that comes out of it. Its a heart felt affair.

For Nidhi this romance is serious. Its almost bordering a love affair. She takes pain to look into the minutest things and personally supervises every element in the construction of the garment. She has an emotional connect with the collection and is very proud of each creation. In her clothes she shares a piece of herself with you.

So have some chocolate and start an affair.

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