Bulk Data Upload

Bulk Data Upload

We have an XLS to upload data items more than 50 + in number for quick uploading. The vendor will need to send the data in the format of an XLS file ( LINK ). 

Please fill the same and email it to us at vendor@fleaffair.com, the backend team will update you in case there are some issues which would be required to be rectified at your end. 

  • Please send the images through We-transfer or Dropbox link.

Please read the Feed Instructions in the XLS for more details.

Column Name Description Example
Product code This field is mandatory, and its value must be unique for each product (if its value is equal to the existing product code, this product data will be replaced with the imported data). It can contain numbers, letters or their combinations.

The images name should be same as your product code for bulk upload to work. e.g. the image name for this product would be "B0002OG6NY.jpg"
Category Select the Category related to your product from dropdown list in Feed sheet MainCategory///SubCategory///SubSubCategory
List price List price /M.R.P of the product. It must be in 0.00 format. 1750.00
Price Actual Selling Price of the product. It must be in 0.00 format. 1600.00
Quantity Product stock amount. 50
Product name Name of the product.
Note: Don't Add Brand Name in the Product Name.
Men's ClimaCool Short Sleeve Mock
Description Product's full description. You should include Size, Color, Fabric, Material, Kaarigari etc in description and ensure that the customer should have enough information to avoid any queries. The better the detail about the product the better are the chances of sale for that product. ClimaCool is softer than cotton and resists pilling better than other natural and synthetic fibers. The shape and placement of ClimaCool fibers help move moisture quickly to the outer surface, where it evaporates away from the body. Adidas Mens ClimaCool Short Sleeve Mocks features: 100% polyester Coolmax Extreme - UV protection; ClimaCool is a superior moisture management technology designed to regulate skin temperature, improve the flow of air and dry faster; ClimaCool is proven to reduce skin temperature and heart rate during exercise; Short sleeve mock; Coolmax Extreme rib knit mock; Set-in sleeve; Jacquard mesh side panels for added breathability; Open hem sleeves
Meta keywords Keywords related to product which will help customer to search your products in search engines like google, yahoo, bing etc. climacool, clima cool, mock turtleneck, golf shirts, uv protection, sun
Search words Search words for the product (search is not case-sensitive). climacool, men
Short description Product's short description. 100% circular rib Coolmax« Extreme 1x1 mini-rib solid pique mock with UV and anti-microbial finish.