How to Improve your Life and Wardrobe With 5 Simple Essentials

Do you know what is the secret of looking and feeling good?

If you are a person that does not believe in following fleeting fashion trends and seasonal styles, chances are, you like to wear classic combinations that do wonders to your personal sense o f style as well as make you look ready for all types of occasions from casual to formal and beyond.

Your body is your temple and the moment you start worshiping it (read: paying attention to it), you will start feeling more confident and in control of your overall mind, body and soul. Once you start feeling more committed to your body, you will also start leveling up your daily act and enhance your already awesome self even notches higher.

How can you do that?

The answer is – getting the basics right! Once you start treating clothes as mediums to accentuate your personality and inner beauty, you will put your best and most fashionable foot forward in most situations in life, which can ultimately help you level up in life as well.

So, if you are constantly figuring out answers to “What should I wear?”, we present you a list of ten must have essential wardrobe items for women that will help you look your beautiful best without spending a lot of money. These wardrobe staples will be a fool proof addition to your overall look and will easily satisfy your daily dressing needs and wants!

In today’s blog post, we will talk about essential items to epitomize your style and help you feel a better you, overall. You should look at these wardrobe additions as key ‘investments’ for a future-proof closet.

  1. Classic Tops

A well-fitted top that complements your body shape is a simple yet worthwhile addition to your wardrobe and will go with many occasions, depending on the colour, pattern and style. A classic black or white tank top works well or if you want to go extra on the style, you can pick a striped top or experiment with printed tops and stylish collared shirts. Want to go a stylish step further, pick a poncho top and add glamour to your daily dressing sense!


Cotton Multicolour Collared Shirt @ FleAffair Om Poncho Turquoise Top @ FleAffair Forever Beige Top @ FleAffair Forever Blue Printed Top @ FleAffair

  1. Classic Pants

It’s worth paying extra attention to your bottom wear collection to enhance your style easily. Start with adding classic additions like lycra pants that will flatter your curves well and go with both casual and semi-casual events. If you are dressing up for a more formal affair, forget the pleats and go for stylish jeggings in solid colours that add style as well as sophistication to your overall look and attire. Want to add a hint of bohemian chic to your bottom wear, shop for a pair of wide-legged printed pants that are comfortable and cool at the same time and make a unique style statement.

Black & White Printed Viscous Print Plazzo Designer Leggings @ FleAffair Beige Designer Leggings Black Leggings @ FleAffair

  1. Classic Handbag

While building a classic capsule wardrobe that enhances you overall appearance, never underestimate the importance of a handbag that is versatile, dynamic and classy. Whether you carry it daily or not is your choice, but owning a quality handbag is a must according to important style critics. As they say, a handbag is at the heart of every woman’s style secrets, invest in a classic black or brown bag that gives you enough room to keep your daily essentials while adding that extra oomph to your overall personality. For those who live to match their outfits with their bags, can experiment with brighter colors like red, yellow or add effects and bold prints to their collection too.

Digital Printed Duffle BagRed Handbag @ FleAffair Designer Yellow Handbag Classic Handbags@ FleAffair


  1. Classic Flats & Chappals

From stylish stilettos to fabulous flip flops and flats, there must be at least three to four pairs of trendy shoe styles in every women’s wardrobe which help them put their fashionable foot forward for every occasion. Add unique styles and pair it with your jeans, leggings and casual outfits to complete your look. When it comes to footwear, a classic kolhapuri chappal is an essential addition when it comes to teaming It with your ethnic wear.

Golden Leather Sandal For Ladies Black Three Braided Kolhapuri Chappal Designers Six Laces Kolhapuri Chappal For Ladies FFV764P74037


  1. Classic Accessories

No amount of apparel can make you stand out from the crowd if you are missing out on crucial casual and formal accessories. Thus, if you are revamping your wardrobe and your style sense, it’s time you pay attention to intricate details through accessories like this stylish combination of a watch and beads blending together as a bracelet that will go in sync with your casual outfits beautifully. Another all-season accessory for a classic look is a pair of well-fitting sunglasses that complements your face shape and style sense. A pair of aviators teamed with a casual top and jeans is still a winning combination. Don’t forget to add hair accessories like trinkets and tiaras for glittery evenings and social events that requires dressing up from head to toe.

Amour Stylish Charm Sunglass Aviator Brown Glass Golden FrameDesignerDesigner Ad Studded Hair Clip

If you follow these five must know wardrobe trends this season, you will be surprised to feel how easy it is to look stylish and classy without wasting time on deciding what to wear. Plus, these wardrobe staples will make you feel more confident and will create a perfect base for your year ‘round style sense. Simple, fuss-free and functional, don’t miss out on these five essentials!


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