Ba No Batwo

We are a bunch of creatures that absolutely adore and Respect both our biological as well as our ecological mother (Maa aur Dharti Maa). We are inspired by our mother’s craft and vision for re-creating beautiful things out of trash and converting them into a treasure (they call it ‘up-cycling’ these days ... well ... Indian mothers have been doing that for ages) Driven by ancient Indian school of thought which encouRages us to live a sustainable life, our motto is to; Restore, revive, retain and re-interprete this thought by following three simple ‘sutras’ ; reduce, reuse, recycle.

We are peace loving people and we are here to spread ‘Eco’ism.

Our passion for arts, crafts and nature combined with our idea of a cleaner, greener and healthier tomorrow makes us ‘who we are’.

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