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Gift Cards

Before the advancement of technologies that we have today, there used to be an era where the gift cards were highly used to express ones feelings and emotions. As the time passed by, enhancement in the living in a digital world lead to little or minimum use of gift cards but here at FleAffair we do have a varieties of handmade gift cards to cherish all those long gone away moments.The days gone will not be back but the way it used to, can be relived again.

We have these handmade gift cards that fits in all aspects of life, like the one says "WE LOOK GOOD
TOGETHER" and the other one says "YOU'RE MY FAVOURITE" , likewisely we do have it accordingly to express all kinds of emotions.

When you send these handmade cards to your loved ones, it wont just be economically suitable for
your budget but it shall also be of high importance to the receiver as it's rare this days that someone
gifts a gift card.  You can purchase it anytime from the FleAffair sites and the prices will just be prefect to your budget with the most suitable mode of payment.