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Jackets & Shrugs New Summer Royal Blue Georgette Tunic Top Kurti (l Size)

Jackets and Shrugs

Jackets are very a la mode and in great vogue and fashion since its inception in the month of April 1857, when its arrival was announced in the magazine Corriere Delle Dame. Since then, it has been a classic and still is considered to be a must-have apparel for both men and women to give their wardrobe an instant boost. The jackets have evolved from the medieval or Early Renaissance jerkin, which was basically a close-fitting sleeveless jacket. . It is also said that the jacket is a descendant of the over-coat in the 19th century. Over the centuries the jacket evolved into a much broader term, a statement of haute couture and chic fashion. Jackets are usually lighter and close-fitting compared to a coat or cloak and they serve as a liable protection against harsh climatic conditions, be it a bitter-cold winter or a soaking-drenching rainfall. These jackets come in a variety of styles and fabrics, the most famous and fashionable amongst them being the leather jacket. Leather jackets were originally associated with motorcyclists, military aviators and rock stars or metal-heads. This iconic jacket is now popular and in great demand because of its classiness and highly attractive and debonair looks. Other jacket fabrics include fleece, wool, cotton, nylon, suede and microfiber.
A shrug is basically a cropped cardigan which is usually made of a light material fabric and is a perfect add-on to any outfit, be it a dress, a tank top or even a t-shirt. Shrugs have evolved from the 80s bolero jacket. They add an element of modesty, simplicity and comfort for the wearer along with a feminine and graceful touch. Shrugs can be full-sleeved or half-sleeved and come in an array of designs, patterns and fabrics such as crotchet, net, cotton, lace, denim and so on.
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