Tic Tacs

Bamboo Hair Clip - 5pcs
Bamboo Hair Clip - 5pcs
Rs. 400
Rs. 680
Spargz Designer Ad Studded Hair Clip Aihc 005    Spargz Designer Ad Studded Hair Clip Aihc 005

Tic Tac

Tic Tacs are basically hair-clips that are used to hold back hair. These are used by women of all ages, be it a thumb-sucking toddler, a fashion-conscious teenager or an old woman on a walking stick, these are well-known and a fondness amongst all of them. Other than it functionality, it also serves as a sophisticated piece of fashion accessory. Tic tacs come in various shapes and forms and hence can be used for different occasions, be it a birthday, a party, a wedding or for everyday wear. Tic Tacs are usually inexpensive and affordable, but over the years they have found a place in designer accessories or are embellished with precious stones. These tic tacs come in various vibrant and spirited colours usually for kids and teenagers, or are embroidered, or have embellishments on them. These are very crucial in hair styling or decorating as they add an aura of decorative and dignified gracefulness. At FleAffair, we have uniquely and distinctively styled tic tacs, which look elegant and sophisticated. It also includes a bamboo hair-clip, a set of 5, traditionally hand-made by the artisans of the north-east India as it is their forte.