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Lotus Laptop Sleeve
Lotus Laptop Sleeve
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Uber Indiana Ipad Sleeve
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Covers & Sleeves for Laptops

It has become a new vogue nowadays, to ‘spruce up’ your laptops. Laptops are becoming very popular nowadays and are very user-friendly and handy compared to desktops or home computers. They are very feasible for traveling and you can carry them anywhere, anytime! They are more affordable and portable; hence customers prefer them over desktops. Just like we protect ourselves from the scorching summer heat or biting cold winter by wearing suitable clothes, it is equally important to protect our laptops, whether they’re old or new.

Hence, laptop sleeves are very useful and beneficial in protecting a laptop, expensive or not. Laptop sleeves have a very basic and slim covering and resemble an envelope. Unlike laptop bags, laptop sleeves don’t have handles or extra room space to carry other essentials besides a laptop. But, nevertheless, they have a soft protective layer of padding to protect the laptop from dents, marks and scratches. Laptops should usually fit snugly into a laptop sleeve to avoid the best protection. Laptop sleeves are very important and essential for a student or an office-goer.

Laptop sleeves are available in various materials such as canvas and leather which are light-weight, durable and stylish and can have pockets for holding notebooks and other small items. Nylon however, has an upper-hand over these two materials as it is also water-resistant and is comparatively stronger. Neoprene(from the synthetic rubber family) laptop sleeves have succeeded over all the other materials, and are very popular nowadays because they are not only water-proof but also, shock-resistant, weather proof, are inexpensive and have a protective padding. FleAffair offers to you the best quality of Neoprene laptop sleeves which are decorated with beautifully hand-painted prints and designs.