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“A fabulous purse is a true companion!”

Purses are very handy and user-friendly and offer great utility. Its existence can be credited to the times when early men carried in these purses like bags, medicines, seeds and other items meant for trading. During the 1300s, purses were equivalent to pockets when the latter did not exist and were tied around the waist. These purses were usually used for storing money or coins. Purses was used by both the sexes. It became a sort of a status symbol, wherein the upper class carried purses, which were intricately and beautifully, embroidered and embellished, and the lower-class or peasants used plain purses made of cheap and affordable material.

Over the years, the purse encountered various changes and modifications. Its use isn’t limited to just carrying money and coins anymore, but other essentials and personal items too. You can Shop at  FleAffair to avail the best offers for purses at budget-friendly prices. FleAffair has ladies purses for women online of all ages. Nowadays, women and teenagers, carry in their purses, cosmetics, mobile phones, earphones and other basic utilities, which makes it very practical for them. FleAffair has an extensive and vast range of purses in different colours and sizes. These can be carried anywhere, anytime and in any occasion. They are very fashion-forward, in vogue and add a nice finesse and poise to your outfit.